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Joyce Wenger, #44: 5 stars. Wow! I don't know much about guitars yet, but I know that I have spectacular one! Upon my first visit to the Showalter Guitar shop and showroom, Stephen Showalter (luthier), handed me a beautiful, full body sycamore guitar. It has a very distinct, mellow, well balanced sound that makes it a real pleasure to play and hear. Even those with limited music knowledge know that there is something special about this guitar. I couldn't be any happier with Showalter Guitar's work or with my new guitar!

Randy Black: 5 stars. I have now visited Showalter Guitar's Shop and Showroom twice and what a pleasure both times! I really think these guitars all have a beautiful unique tone, but they all share the quality of balanced output top to bottom. The quality and craftsmanship are comparable to the nicest high end guitars that I have ever handled. I really like the extra bass in his signature body shape! Steve offers a few neck shapes and I quickly found the one that fit my hand. The tone is full and rich and each one rings with sustain.

A review by Larry Brown of #38: This is the most responsive guitar I have ever played. Well worth the investment. Lots of bass with wonderful clarity, smooth transition from bass to treble, awesome resonance and sustaining. Delightful to play and hear. Beautiful tone. Steve made this guitar with a classical width fret board at my request; it is perfect for my finger picking style. The action is very light, but the volume is still great. This is exactly what I needed, since I don't use a pick. Super well made instrument. The intonation and scale are perfect.